Turn Your Leads Into Virtual Visits Anywhere. Anytime.

🏢 Give your Clients a Guided Virtual Tour of your Project

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The Farsight Experience is quite different from other virtual tours, since it is a Guided Experience. This means there is a two-way communication between the client and your team.

🔨 Create Google Street-esque 360 Tours

The Tours are simple to create and maintain. A standard left-handed menu-bar is provided for switching between scenes. You can also create pathways between scenes by adding arrows at the bottom. Add Text and Images as palletes in the scene.

🚀 Take Full Control

By taking control of the client's screen, your team can guide them through the whole project.

🔔 Get Notified

Your team gets a notification every time a customer is online and viewing your project. They can immediately guide them, or follow up later.

🌎 Works Everywhere

Your customers can view your project from anywhere - home, office, or even while travelling! Farsight X works directly in the browser.

Optimize Your Marketing Efforts

Not only can Farsight X help quicken the process for your fresh leads, but it can also help bring new life to old leads that were lost.



Google Analytics Support

We let you place your custom Google Analytics code inside the Tour to make sure that it is giving your the engagement that you desire.


Controlled Experiences

Your sales team can choose to take control of a client's Farsight X Tour, and therefore show them through your project in a pre-defined sales flow, while taking advantage of your sales script.


Sales Scripts

Think of it as Sales-Training-In-A-Box. Each scene in your Farsight X Tour is accompanied by a script that only your team can see. This ensures that they have all your project's information always available to them!


CRM Integration

Sync all your leads with your CRM, Google Sheets, etc. using our integration options. We can automatically send each FarSight tour's analytics data directly to you, so you can optimize your sales.


Farsight X Analytics

Keep track of even the tiniest of details. Want to know the average time a team member spends explaining each scene in your project? Are they following the script? What about a particular lead's favorite room?


Supports Any Device

Farsight X doesn't require any on-device installation, for both your clients as well as your team. Clients can simply click the Email/SMS link that you send, and see your project directly in their browser.


Send Unique Tour Links

Yes, you can literally track useful metrics like if the link was opened and there was any significant time spent viewing the Tour.


Zapier Integration

Automate the Farsight Experience for your customers.

Zapier App


Ready API

Don't want to use Zapier? Well, you can do the same with our API. Whatever you need.

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🔨 How to get started?

Getting Started with Farsight X is quick & easy, for any project!

Project Inspection

To start things off, we go through ALL of your project's on-site details. Is the project development completed? Is it under construction? Is the Sample Flat ready? And so on.

PhotoShoot / 3D Render

We set up a photoshoot of your sample flat/ready amenities if the project is deemed ready for it. If in case your project is still under construction, we can instead arrange for some cutting-edge 3D renders that are tailor-made for your project.

Training / Kick-Off!

We get all of your sales staff on board with the platform. Once done, they can now forward each customer a UNIQUE link, and start showing them around your property 1-to-1, just like an actual site visit.

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🌎 Build Tours that need to be seen.

Turn Your Leads Into Virtual Visits Anywhere. Anytime.

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🌎 Build Tours that need to be seen.

Turn Your Leads Into Virtual Visits Anywhere. Anytime.

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