Farsight API Documentation
Getting Started
The Farsight API allows you to integrate Virtual Site Visits with your Application. You can create new site visits, get summary of the site visit etc.
Generate an API Key
To send requests to the Farsight API, you will need an API Key to authenticate your requests. You will be sending an API Key with each request to ensure the same. You can generate an API Key by logging into your Farsight Account and selecting Dev > API Keys. Click on “New API Key” to create a new one.
Sending a Request
All requests will be sent to http://farsight.quarkexp.com/interface/. The interface suffix will change according to the operation performed. The method of the request will be POST. The returned data will be formatted in JSON. If a request is invalid, the data returned will be reflected in an error field which will contain the reason for which the request failed.
POST: api_key
Function: Get a list of all apps associated with your Account.
POST: api_key, app_id, [email]
Function: Generate links and metadata for a new visit to a Site.
POST: api_key, app_id, ver_code, sync_code
Function: Get information captured about the site visit.